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They say October is the new June in regards to weddings! I just wrapped hair/makeup for an extremely busy fall wedding season and I am now waiting for all of the gorgeous pics to come in!! I decided now would be a great time to address some questions that I get on a regular basis. Every Tuesday I will be sharing a variety of things with you including, makeup tips, favorite products and current beauty trends! I recently had the opportunity to teach a class for the Women in Business group at Tuck! We had a great time as I went over some basic makeup tips including 5 PRODUCTS EVERY WOMAN NEEDS IN THEIR MAKEUP BAG!!! Everyone’s comfort level when it comes to makeup is different but there are a few universal products that are essential for every woman and they are:
1- Concealer
2- Tinted Moisturizer
3- Blush or Bronzer
4- Mascara
5- Lipgloss

Now let me explain… Foundation does not cover blemishes but rather it evens out skin tone. We all from time to time have some sort of problem area on our face that we want to cover ranging from dark circles to pimples so that is why concealer is a must in your makeup bag. A good tinted moisturizer is an essential product for everyone because we all need to moisturize daily even if you are oily and some people don’t wear foundation so a tinted moisturizer just gives you a nice glow that will even out your skin tone while hydrating it as well! Bronzer warms your face and gives you a nice natural glow and blush just gives you that fresh faced awake look! Either product is great and really is based on personal preference and the season! MASCARA!!!! I mean, need I say more?! I know for me anyone that knows me knows that I can not live without my mascara!! I have a 4 year old son so on the days when I am in rush I ALWAYS have time for my mascara at least and it makes a HUGE difference. This is one easy way to really define your eyes. Again, not everyone uses or should use eyeliner, etc but everyone can benefit from mascara! Lastly, lipgloss is a great product to give your lips a boost without looking overdone. Lipgloss is great for everyone and it comes in all different shades and finishes! So that’s it, those are my 5 products that every woman should have in their makeup bag at all times!! That doesn’t mean that this is all you need, but if you are looking for a quick way to really boost your look these 5 products are perfect! While these products are suitable for all women you will still need to select the right color, brand, etc. for you! I absolutely LOVE MAC products and my absolutely favorite mascara of all time is pictured below! I do love Estee Lauder’s tinted moisturizer which is also pictured. I hope you found this post helpful and I would love to hear what some of your favorite products/brands are too!

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